Time on your hands?

If you’re at a loose end during this lockdown, you should do something positive and tackle your online reputation. Like it or not, search engines hold lots of personal information about you that can be easily searched. Most of this is innocuous, but some of it can be harmful and hold you back.  Many employers, mortgage companies and others routinely check people out online to see if they should make an offer. We even know of people with a poor online reputation being refused rental accommodation. So, whether you have been the victim of online bullying, have personal information you do not want others to see, or even have a spent conviction, we can help.  For a small, fixed fee we can fight on your behalf to get harmful material removed from search engines and help clean up your online reputation.  You can find more at www.mycleanslate.co.uk or email us for more details at info@mycleanslate.co.uk