Online Reputation Management – How to Remove information from Google

If you are horrified by your online history, remove information from Google now by filling in the form below.

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Step 1-2

Insert the URLs that you want deleting (just copy and paste them below) and briefly explain how they have affected you. Please also say if you consider them unlawful, inaccurate or outdated.

Contract Page – the legal stuff

Step 2-2

I give full permission for Clean Slate to act on my behalf and contact Google to ask that my name be removed from all searches.

Repeat your full name will act as a signature

We need as much information as possible to make a strong case for you!

The legal stuff

  • You will need to fill in a simple form (above), along with the payment and attach a copy of some photo ID eg: your driving licence or passport and proof of address such as a recent utility bill or bank statement. This will act as proof that we are acting on your behalf.
  • A one off payment of £250 must be payable to Clean Slate. As soon as this is cleared, we will apply the law to your circumstances and insist that Google removes your name and convictions from the searches you identify
  • Although Google are by far the biggest search engine (accounting for 80% of searches) we can offer a similar service for other search engines – such as Yahoo and Bing – for just £100 each.
  • To comply with new data laws, at the end of our service to you, we will remove your name and details from our database within 2 weeks or sooner.


Please pay direct to:

NatWest Bank
Account No: 25599194
Sort Code: 56-00-20