We list below a set of testimonials provided by some of our many happy clients. The work we do starts with clients who are often in a bad place and finishes with a heavy weight lifted from their shoulders, as distressing reports are removed from search engines. So, we get some very grateful testimonials. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot give their full names and addresses.

Louise, London

“I would sincerely advise anyone to give My Clean Slate a whirl – they are not only extremely professional, understanding, responsive and supportive but give excellent advice and clearly have an in depth knowledge of legal matters and how to communicate effectively with governing bodies. Finding them gave me hope when I had almost become resigned to having to live with my problem. Due to a successful outcome, thanks to My Clean Slate, a huge weight has been lifted from my life.”

Darren, Manchester

“I was referred to My Clean Slate by a solicitor friend of mine and I can’t thank them highly enough for their work. I was of course dubious at first that the info on Google would indeed be removed however they worked their magic to make this happen and kept me informed on the progress throughout.

Highly recommended!”

Kath, Lancashire

“From my first contact with My Clean Slate I knew I was dealing with the right company. I felt they understood my concerns and were on my side. They did not judge but worked with compassion and total professionalism to get all my irrelevant on line history removed. My advice to others who find themselves in this situation – do not to be tempted to pay thousands of pounds to a solicitor. My Clean Slate will get the job done for a fraction of what a solicitor would charge. I am delighted they acted for me and would recommend them without hesitation“

Shahin, London

“I cannot recommend My Clean Slate enough for their fast and effective service. They have achieved in a short few weeks what I hadn’t been able to in the past 5 years and more. I was kept informed at every stage of the process and the results have quite simply blown me away. They have gone above and beyond what was originally promised for a flat fee of £250 and when they say no hidden extras, they actually mean it. If you feel daunted and lost by the challenge of taking on big tech companies and their websites, My Clean Slate are your best bet at dealing with everything and getting a positive result.”